Monday, December 30, 2013

Gaggle of Giggles Glee

Silly notions a writer gets into when she’s pressed for time. I can’t pin my mind to concentrated writing. R.R. Tolkien wrote best when around children while listening to their conversations. I'm surrounded by two hundred gaggle of children-- a ten, an eight, a fifteen, and a thirteen.

Giggles, when a surplus of it raves at you, it can be annoying. And deafening. The uncontrollable and recurring surge of laughter can snuff you out of your urgent need to think. Even an overflow of this natural urge comes from children, it can still be a writer’s taboo and doom. Under any circumstance...


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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

A Writer's Talking Mug

Creative juices flow. Writer swims in a stream of ideas. Writer's mug cheers on!

Writer inhales, exhales at intervals while she clicks onto the keyboard.

The bank upstream isn't that hard to reach, Writer imagines. To get there, she just needs to...simply dive in. Oh, yeah? It's that simple, hey?



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Saturday, June 15, 2013

Life's More Fun Than We Know It

Parts of the Bible make me grin. Under normal circumstances, I may have a playful side.
But when I mirror myself on a Bible story, what I see isn't amusing at all. Not at all 'grin-nuos'. At least, to the people I read about and encounter in the Bible.  My 'sense of fun' stands still in moments of sobering meditation. Quiet moments of thought.

What's it like to change course that requires more faith, trust and active believing in God? Where we are now, God's been hinting us from the lives of His people in Scriptures. What did God do and show them?

These are times when I don't laugh. I'd retort, "This isn't very funny at all. How could they not 'get it'?" Would life have been more fun for them if they'd seen the whole picture-- at the time God was 'with them'? Fighting for them? Telling them to fight and trust Him? As I, in the here-and-now reality--  I get glimpses of what it was like back in their reality. Nothing. Nothing, at all, is humorous about God's impending judgment unless they believe and obey. Isaiah, Jeremiah, Moses, the 'big guns' for instance.

Don't get me wrong. I deeply respect God's human writers of the Scriptures. The Spirit of God inspired them at the time of writing-- and declaring-- risking their lives. The very real issues in their day are the very real issues of the heart in our Christian lives.  It is the same Spirit of God who speaks, directs and helps us into action.

Just picture the scenes with me with reverence and love for God.  God's writing prophets had a mission. Mission in different levels: To minister, to plead, to warn, to lament, to instruct, to call to believe Him, to call to turn back to Him, to call to trust Him and take action. 

Just recently, and is still going on, God has been making our belief-system turn our universe upside down, downside up. We've been seeing God's personal hand making the turn around of our faith in Him.

God wants to prosper us. No, I'm not thinking in monetary prosperity. God can if He will. God wants to show-off His power to us-- In any way He pleases to do with us. God's desire for us is victory and successes in our efforts in our believing-doing kind of faith in Him.

Reuel's faith in God affects me. I grin at his boldness. I'm amused. Last night, he couldn't trace from where he's seen the 'note' that lead him to read from 1 Chronicles 5:20. Which is this:

"And they (the tribes of Reuben, Gad and half-tribe of Manasseh) were helped... the Hagrites and all who were with them were given to their hand; for they cried out to God in the battle, and He heeded their prayers, because they trusted in Him." 

We've concluded that God personally handed His answer to our prayers.

                             "He is the Rewarder of  those who seek Him."

In King Uzziah's life, it's written, " And he continued to seek God in the days of Zechariah, who had understanding through the vision of God; and as long as He sought the LORD, God prospered him." 

It's funny about what Reuel said from Psalm 27:13: "I believe that I shall look upon the goodness of the LORD in the land of the living! Wait for the LORD; be strong, and let your heart take courage; wait on the LORD."

We wait. We must be strong and very brave. It's all about in the here and now, "in the land of the living!"--that He wants us to  keep looking at His displays of His goodness!

We keep believing God. It's the praying-while-fighting. As did the people of God in the Bible.  The victories and successes our faithful God gives demand our undivided trust-- all our days!

This is the part of the Bible where my gleaming smiles show.

We face our new chapter in our lives. Life's more fun-- more pleasant. That, life overflows with the wonders of God. That, it is when we believe Him, despite the circumstances, God shines His face upon us.

 Has God ever been good and kind all the time? God enjoys the way He is. He delights in what He wants to do to bless. Do you agree?

May the faithful love of God bring you peace, as well.

Friday, April 12, 2013

Homeschooling Journey

Peer pressure from among parents, church leaders, church people, within families and friends tend to get so unnecessarily discouraging. Everyone has their opinion about how other people's God-given children ought to be educated, taught, "socialized".

As much as I, the only God-qualified parent-teacher, shepherd, pastor, carer, protector, guide, accountable-to-God for and to my own children--- I, hereby declare, will not relinquish my God-given duty to anyone else. Please, our job as parents and friends to our home-schooled children is never easy and breezy. But we love this sense of calling from our Father, King of the universe to teach and love our children 24/7 diligently. Deut6:4-10..

It helps wonderfully when we lavish our homeschooling friends with encouragement, grace, love.and acceptance. We need those. Pray WITH our homeschooling friends.Your kindness is bonus, it goes a long way. Your blessings help make the wonders of God in our homeschooling path stronger, awesome to believe!

Encourage them, bless them in their homeschooling journey to be faithful to God in their response to obey God all that He has instructed them to do.

 C'mon! Let's do them all for our home-schooling friends and their home-educated children. The LORD blesses those who bless others. Amen? !

Friday, February 15, 2013

At The Water's Edge

Last week, I was to go forward to my unknown wilderness. I was quite prepared for it. Though a little shaky on the knees. But, God is stronger. Stronger than any wobbly knees that the whole earth has felt the miserable quaking put together. God is ever so gracious!

So, I went all the way for it. Come to think of it, it was awesome to know that God was all around me in that crossing.

And then, there, in the wilderness, I said goodbye to all rights to Him. There, He instructed me. There, God answered all my questions. There, I wanted to know more about who God says He is.

There in the wilderness, God's grace reassured me.

God's Promised Land. To go forward to and posses it has been ringing in my soul for the past 20  months. It hasn't been that long ago.  Compared to 40 years for Moses and God's covenant-people. I feared. I complained. I wailed. I feared and felt to stick it out just a bit longer in my twenty-month-wilderness journey. Soon, at the end of my twentieth month, the ringing turned into singing. Glorious momentum!

Nonetheless, the thrill in the faith-walk God was showing me kept right to my skin, deeply. But as exciting my running could be, I needed to catch my breath and run back, hence, this writing. Would you come along with me in believing God who calls, "Go now and see what I have in store for you"?

I was going forward.  Without a doubt, God opened up the Promised Land beyond, which I was to do work for Him in the little I’ve got.

However, I encountered problems.  I knew that God’s perfectly well-planned activity was made just for me. But I am fearfully short of talents. Short of theology. But then again, His covenant-folks had been slaves in Egypt for 430 years.

Simple folks, who God sent out to cross the Reed Sea. Untalented. Theologically unsaavy. BUT they understood God and unquestioningly responded, "All the things the LORD said, we will do."

So then, in this deliberate, brave crossing over ---God will equip. I must never forget His grace. God's grace  came first before His rules of life to carry with me in the safe journey ahead.  If I keep at it.

So, I thank God that He will never let me fall out of grace when I stick to the rules in my journey-- with Him.

The Promised Land which I was to posses is, simply and wonderfully, this:  in the abiding love of God through Christ.  A place of believing-doing. I've come to that abiding love of God through Christ's atoning sacrifice. 

I've seen folks who've made their knowledge of the Bible (theology ) work together with their humble living it. The doing acts of love with God-- In the here and now. And I want that for myself too!
If you were at the water's edge. What would you do? Cross it and meet God's possession of you?  That's what I did. He said to be very brave and be courageous. Believing God at the water`s edge. I began to see greater things because of the great God He has proven to be.   

God's loving ways must have stuck with  me like supaglue in the wilderness through study. And through brave friends who've the same thrilling sincere search and growing love for God. I've seen hope in them. Glorious hope!

God does not only invite me to the Water's edge to my Promised  Land through Christ. But, He insists upon me courageously stepping forward. 

And abiding-- Yes, abiding, indeed.  And God has paved the way of the waters' walls telling them, "Let my child cross forward  to serve Me. In the way I have shown her to go."

(Joshua 1:1-9)

Monday, February 4, 2013

For Crying Out Loud, Go Forward!

Have you ever wondered where those words come from? It sounds uncaring. It jabs to the core of the pusong-mamon (a coward, like a soft-sweet bun), like, a knife driving through melted butter. It cuts to the root. It sounds strong. It sounds confronting and hurtful.

Actually, the original words go like this, "Then the LORD said to Moses, "Why  are you crying out to Me?"Tell the sons of Israel to GO FORWARD." (Emphasis in CAPS, mine).

Rewind a little bit. The people whined. And whinged, they did.  After all the power God showed them! After all that He had done to let His people go in the wilderness and serve Him?

 And then, God said about not fearing. To standby and see deliverance. And more, He would do for them which they'd never seen before. That they would "never see the Egyptians forever". Of course, God did not mean that He would wipe out Egypt from the face of the earth.

And God said, "I will fight for you while you keep silent."

I don't know what God meant about keeping silent. But the people were stuck on to whining. Complaining about not having enough graves in Egypt why Moses was leading them into the wilderness --to die! Maybe they were too noisy in their grumbling and could not hear God.  Maybe.

Here's the clincher : "Why are you crying out to Me? Tell them to go forward."  

Here's one more:  God gave no hope of forgiveness for unrepentant Pharaoh.  But God "pushed" the Egyptians with their chariots to push His people to "go forward" at the brink of crossing the Reed Sea.

You can imagine yourself not moving forward because of fear of the unknown, and fear of those behind. Thus, stunt you from following God's clear "go forward and serve Me." Hence, blur  your vision from the real power of God which is just right there.

"...and I will be honoured through Pharaoh and all his army, through his chariots and through his horsemen."

How about that ?

What things does God Most High allow to have to push you because you would not move forward? You would not move forward even when He had already said of you,  "Let her/him go forward to serve Me" ?

When there are bad things happening, or looming to happen; and you feel it--  think of it this way, "It is good." For our sakes, God allows bad to affront us, or make us meet our enemy head-on. To push our freewill into doing the right thing and move forward.

In the process, when we've yielded our total trust and obedience to God, we will not fear. We will experience God fighting for us while we keep silently at peace with Him.

Is there a reason to be sour about our faithful King telling us, "Go forward. I will be with you."?

None at all. Then, isn't a trusting-obeying life awesomely sweet?

(Exodus 13-14)

Sunday, October 7, 2012

"Ah, Yeah! It's Good. I Will Do It!"

Hi to all my lovely co-Moms out there. I'd like to hear about what you do to go about being so good at what you do to succeed as Mommas. You know, that kind of gut-level success in your attainment of your dreams and wishes for each of your children? 

As Moms, don't we all want what is best for them? And at some level of achievement, does it preempt you to share that passion with other Moms about what success is like? And desire that good for us, mothers, as well?

You see, I'm a stay-at-home Mom. To those who don't fully know me, I'm a mom of seven. I feel that with them, I'm forever learning. As I think about it, learning always follows doing.

I'm pretty much a hands-on Mom at most jobs at home. What amazes me is that, my work as mommy is never done. As my children grow as individuals, I'm growing too. I'm gaining so much through my experiences with my co-human beings at home-- together.

I believe, success in being a parent, is to be able to have set goals. Then, have your goals realized and be able to say :
  • "I'd like to do it."
  • "I can do it."
  • "Ah yeah, it's good. I will do it!" 

As a Mom, tell me if your mind nudges you to think:
  1. That you want to earn money--at home. 
  2. Or if you're working outside of your home, that you want to stay home and earn at the same time.
 If you have, then, it's a confirmation that I'm pretty normal. I thank God for all the Moms out there!

Would you like to share your success story? Please do.  So, here's a little bit of my share of the story...

"The mind of man/woman plans his way. But the LORD directs his steps." Proverbs 16:9

To be happy. And to have happy children is success to me. Yey!